SkyrimDuckSays ………… The Dawnguard cometh!

Hi guys, long time no talk. I’ve not been feeling too great myself. Those damn skeevers spread all sorts about around these parts. But worry not because I’m back and better than ever.

So, first thing’s first. Dawnguard has arrived. Finally. I’ve waited so so long for this add on, and well, I’ve not actually bought it yet. SyrimDuck, more like TraiterDuck. The worse part is I actually considered buying the new Lego Batman over it. I should be carted off back to Helgen and have my head removed for such crimes.

The thing is that it’s not like I don’t want to play it because I do. I’m just nervous. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Reason one is because Skyrim was just so good, so good that I invested 119 of the very few hours of life that I’ll get into it. So if it doesn’t live up to what I know and love of Skyrim it’ll tarnish all the precious memories of the good times I spent there. Secondly, god damn vampires. One of the top reasons Oblivion will never ever be as good. As soon as I contracted vampirism and couldn’t venture out in sunlight to find a cure I got very annoyed and gave up. I don’t want to get annoyed, it annoys me. Call me a quitter, I don’t care.

I know for a fact that this time next week I’ll have invested the grand price of 1600 Microsoft points into it and it’ll be all I can talk about because I’ll just love it that much. But until then I shall reserve my judgement until I can overcome my fear of disappointment.


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SkyrimDuckSays ……………… Raving Lunacy

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up. I may have told you a tiny lie. There is one other game I really want on the Wii U and that is Rabbids Land. I am a bit of a fan of the rabbids and can’t resist any opportunity for some rabbid based madness. As soon as I found out they were back I invited the rabbids down to Skyrim, it is on their way home after all.ImageRabbids Land

SkyrimDuckSays …………….. Skyrim Scribblenauts

So, word on the street is there’s a new Scribblenauts about to hit town. Scribblenauts Unlimited is due for release on the 3DS, PC and the Wii U (it just won’t go away people). This time around you’ll be able to share your creations with anyone in the Miiverse (Wiibox live that is, sorry Nintendo, not my fault you suck). There’s also the option of playing with friends in the cooperative multi player mode. The other main difference to previous Scribblenauts games is that there is now a story, which is never something that has been present before. Regardless of my obvious dislike for all things Nintendo, this is a game I really really want to play and possibly one of the only two reasons I would EVER buy a Wii U (the other being Rayman Legends obviously). So, in my scribblenauts excitement I thought I’d test out if it could ever happen in real life.ImageImageWow, it actually worked, I wonder………ImageImageYeah, I thought that was asking a bit much. Oh well, was worth a try. I wonder if ‘hot bikini ducks’ would work instead.

SkyrimDuckSays ………………… Easy like Sunday morning.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit unsure what to do with my Sunday. So, I had a look through my vast collection of games for something that I’d not played in a while and pulled out Soul Calibur 4. Five minutes later I was on the phone to my mate WarriorDuck. “WarriorDuck” I said, “What you got planned for today?”. “Naff all” he replied. I told him to come round in half an hour and so Soul Calibur Sunday was born. Now I’m a big Soul Calibur fan but I’ve got to be honest, 4 is definitely not my favourite. I do like it, but it’s just not my favourite. Then we played. I was Siegfried, he was Hilde, there was a double knock out, it was awesome.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else but personally I’m stuck on Tower of Souls. That mode is hard, ascending and descending. I’ve been trying to get past one level for forever now. So, I sought WarriorDucks help, turns out he’s rubbish too so we didn’t get very far in the end. Maybe I just need to work on my skills a bit. When we got fed up of beating each other up on versus mode we decided to head outside and re-enact our battles for real. That’s what Sundays were made for after all. I think next weekend I’ll have him over again and this time we’ll play Soul Calibur 5. Poor sod doesn’t know what’s going to hit him. Let the ongoing battle commence.Image

SkyrimDuckSays ………………….. Don’t ever call again.

So in light of the fact that there is a new Call of Duty game being released whether I like it or not I thought I’d give the COD boys a quick bell and invite them over to Skyrim for a chat. That afternoon, they rolled up in their tank and chopper. Showy as ever but I was feeling brave, I had SoldierDuck by my side after all. He’s seriously hard, for a duck.Image“Right lads” I said, “this is a mission of peace, I know we’ve had our differences in the past but lets let bygones be bygones”. They only went and bloody shot me. Luckily SoldierDuck was on hand to bandage me up and seek revenge. Within seconds he’d stabbed them both, one with his own sword. “Good work SoldierDuck” I said “but lets stick to Halo in the future”.Image

SkyrimDuckSays ……………Filled with fun, Filled with fun.

There were hopes that 2012 would be the year that Microsoft unveiled a new Viva Piñata at their E3 press conference, they didn’t. When that Call of Duty vid ended and there was still no mention I wept a little, and I’m man enough to admit that. Sadly it would appear that they are now saving a third instalment for their next console, which in my opinion is a major bummer. Come on Microsoft I just can’t wait that long, I want strange and colourful animals that eat each other, and I want them now. Viva Piñata is one of the best games ever, and no one will ever tell me otherwise. They asked me to be a piñata you know, but I just didn’t have the guts.

Time and again people approach me when I’m out and about and they say “Skyrim Duck which is your favourite pinata?” and I always tell them the same thing, “It’s obviously the Quackberry you fool”. I mean we’re just both so handsome it’s like spot the difference.                                                                                                         ImageImage