SkyrimDuckSays ………. I’ll stick to my day job.

It turns out that the problem with Terraria is actually more of a problem with me. The fact that I’m obviously an idiot to be precise. As I predicted KingDuck grasped the game immediately and couldn’t understand just what it was that I couldn’t understand.  As it happens building houses is really easy as long as you build an actual house and not just a back wall. It’s a shame nobody thought to tell me this. Oh well, the only way is up.  Or down as the case may be.


SkyrimDuckSays ………. Terraria because one mining game was never going to be enough.


As you’re probably aware by now I’m somewhat of a fan where Minecraft is concerned and the best way to describe the newest addition to the xbox live arcade marketplace Terraria is that it is a 2D Minecraft. However, I’m currently playing through the tutorial and I am stuck. I’ve always liked Minecraft because it’s fun but it maintains a simplicity and on the surface Terraria appears to be exactly the same. At the minute it’s trying to teach me how to build a house but even following the instructions is getting me nowhere fast. I’m hoping KingDuck can shed some light on the matter for me. I bet I’m going to feel like a right div when I realise what I’m doing wrong. One thing I have to say about Terraria so far though is that I wish mining wood in Minecraft was that quick.

PirateDuckSays ………. Ahoy there!

PirateDuck here. Plunderer extraordinaire and general menace of the high seas. You will probably recognise me as one of the most feared pirates ever to sail all seven of the seas. However there is a side to me that very few know about. Secretly I am somewhat of a book worm.


Now before you stop reading in disgust let me tell you that this is not going to be boring in the slightest. There will be no book reviews here. No sir, not even one. It will be all action action action. Much like my pirate life really. And to kick it all off I combined this dog…


with this book…


and the results will be up very very soon. How exciting.

SkyrimDuckSays ………. I’m not very happy with you now!

Recently I’ve been having a clear out of all my stuff and in the process have found a few games that I thought I had lost forever. Including EAs Create. However I soon ran into a problem when I tried to get onto the EA servers for the online section of the game. Instead of challenges submitted by other players I found this message instead.


Real clever that EA. Now not only can I not play half of a game that I payed you money for but there’s also half of the achievements that I will never ever be able to get. I wasn’t aware that this happened but apparently it’s something that EA does quite a lot. To be honest if I had just bought this game now and couldn’t get online I would rightfully be so so mad. As far as I can see if you have paid for that game you have paid for the right to access the online stuff. Or am I just being naive?  Either way as you can probably tell I’m not too happy about it.

KingDuckSays ………. Just call me Adrien Mole!

Hold it right there. That’s quite enough of that. There is to be no mention of that awful game in my Kingdom or I shall banish you all. So to make me feel better I am announcing my news first and there is to be no argument. Given that I love my games just as much as SkyrimDuck but the position of games reporter is already taken I shall from now on be bringing you my game diaries. Starting with ………. Minecraft. Expect the first extract as soon as the other ducks have all announced their news.