SkyrimDuckSays ………. Leave ducks alone!

Way to kick me when im down internets. So, as I’m reading my way through the web this morning all I’m seeing is custom made Duck Hunt pinball machine this and rip off Android Duck Hunt game that. Well do you know what I say to all this. I say it’s rabbit season. Now bugger off and leave me in peace.



SkyrimDuckSays ………. R.I.P Skyrim


After months of waiting for news regarding the release of any new dlc for Skyrim I was one particularly disappointed duck today when Bethesda announced that they are putting Skyrim to one side to concentrate on new projects. I’m sure you will all join me in this period of mourning and what is for me a sad sad time. Farewell Skyrim I shall never forget you and the times we spent together.

SkyrimDuckSays ………. SkyrimDuck loves Easter weekend but hates space harpys!

So I know it’s been a while but with two great arcade games out in the space of just two weeks I’ve been a very busy little duck. Before Terraria and BattleBlock Theater took over my life there was Easter. I spent the whole of the Easter weekend watching KingDuck play Bioshock Infinite followed by a couple of hours of Terraria. Add that to no work and it was a great weekend all round really. Bioshock turns out to be one of those games that I thoroughly enjoy watching but I don’t really fancy playing myself. I was absolutely dying to know what happened in the end. Even though I hadn’t played I was still invested. So even though I can’t comment on how it is to play the story is fantastic. KingDuck says he thinks it’s easily game of the year 2013 regardless of what else is released this year. Funny story about that. 10 minutes into us playing BattleBlock Theater and that was his game of the year. He’s so fickle. That game is beyond fun though.  However I’ve got a feeling that before I get to the end it’s going to reach meatboy levels of frustration and I’m going to love every minute of it. So between dying endlessly in BattleBlock and dying but not quite so often in Terraria there’s not a lot of time left for much else in my life at the minute.