SkrimDuckSays ………. So Grown Up I Can’t Even Believe It!

I am now officially a big person, erm I meant duck. Obviously. Me and KingDuck are currently in the process of moving into a house together. As a duck I simply can’t wait for all the bills. Get it? Bills. So just in case you were worried on hearing this news that the immature, silly, game playing duck that you all know and love will become a proper adult I would like to share with you a picture of the very first box that I have that is packed and ready to go.


As you can see I am more than ready for grown up life with all of my most grown up things. Especially my Skyrim Premium Edition! What house doesn’t need Rabbids, a Creeper and Minecraft Lego. Ours certainly does.


SkyrimDuckSays……….I’m Back and I’m in Mourning

After what I would imagine to have been something of a noticeable absence I would first and foremost like to apologise to my readers. I return to you slightly older but to be perfectly honest not a whole lot wiser. However, I do bring with me plenty of new opinions and stories about the world of gaming and technology in general that I hope you will find to be both enlightening and entertaining. As always there will also be pictures of me aplenty. I’m still the same old vain little duck after all.

I would like to start off this brand new chapter in our friendships by telling you about the horrible atrocities that I committed yesterday afternoon. After skirting around the issue for far too long and with no other options left to turn to I finally deleted all 5.4GB of Skyrim saves from my hard drive and ever since the world has seemed like a slightly darker place. After all without Skyrim I literally wouldn’t be who I am today. I would just be plain old Bill Duck. An ordinary duck in a very silly hat.