SkyrimDuckSays……….I’m Back and I’m in Mourning

After what I would imagine to have been something of a noticeable absence I would first and foremost like to apologise to my readers. I return to you slightly older but to be perfectly honest not a whole lot wiser. However, I do bring with me plenty of new opinions and stories about the world of gaming and technology in general that I hope you will find to be both enlightening and entertaining. As always there will also be pictures of me aplenty. I’m still the same old vain little duck after all.

I would like to start off this brand new chapter in our friendships by telling you about the horrible atrocities that I committed yesterday afternoon. After skirting around the issue for far too long and with no other options left to turn to I finally deleted all 5.4GB of Skyrim saves from my hard drive and ever since the world has seemed like a slightly darker place. After all without Skyrim I literally wouldn’t be who I am today. I would just be plain old Bill Duck. An ordinary duck in a very silly hat.



PirateDuckSays ………. Ahoy there!

PirateDuck here. Plunderer extraordinaire and general menace of the high seas. You will probably recognise me as one of the most feared pirates ever to sail all seven of the seas. However there is a side to me that very few know about. Secretly I am somewhat of a book worm.


Now before you stop reading in disgust let me tell you that this is not going to be boring in the slightest. There will be no book reviews here. No sir, not even one. It will be all action action action. Much like my pirate life really. And to kick it all off I combined this dog…


with this book…


and the results will be up very very soon. How exciting.

KingDuckSays ………. All news is good news!

Hi everyone. KingDuck here. I do believe that my good friend SkyrimDuck may have mentioned something to you about a new team coming to SkyrimDuckSays in the near future. Well firstly, let me say that he is one very bad duck for letting that slip so soon and secondly here we are in all our glory for you to enjoy.


See he told you that you would recognise us. In the upcoming weeks we will individually be telling you more about our new roles within the team. I know that PirateDuck has some very exciting news indeed and would finally like to say that we all look forward to working here at SkyrimDuckSays.

SkyrimDuckSays ………… SkyrimDuck Homeowner.


With the arrival of latest Skyrim add on Hearthfire I am now the proud owner of a brand new home. Ignoring, of course, the fact that I already own a residence in most major cities throughout Skyrim. However, I do actually get to build my new house myself this time, taking time out from my busy life to do so. I am only the dragonborn, arch mage of winterhold and leader of the thieves guild and the companions after all. I’ve got so much free time on my hands you wouldn’t believe. So anyway, if I get some wood and mine some resources I can build a house. Sound familiar? Add into the mix that you can now adopt children and you’ve basically got the results of a drunken one night stand between The Sims and Minecraft. What do I want children for anyway? I’m a lone adventurer, it’ll only be sad for everyone involved when a dragon eats one of them. My main grievance with Hearthfire lies within the actual building aspect of the game. Mainly that there is no creativity involved at all. You get plans, collect the necessary resources and build one thing before moving on to the next on the list and by the time you have finished the only thing you’ve really done is mined a bit of iron and nipped down the shops a few times inbetween. The end result being what the house would have looked like in the game regardless of who built it. I still love Skyrim, sadly I’m just not crazy for Hearthfire. However, for 400 Microsoft points I’m not going to complain about the extra hours of game play I’m going to get out of it.

SkyrimDuckSays ………………….. Don’t ever call again.

So in light of the fact that there is a new Call of Duty game being released whether I like it or not I thought I’d give the COD boys a quick bell and invite them over to Skyrim for a chat. That afternoon, they rolled up in their tank and chopper. Showy as ever but I was feeling brave, I had SoldierDuck by my side after all. He’s seriously hard, for a duck.Image“Right lads” I said, “this is a mission of peace, I know we’ve had our differences in the past but lets let bygones be bygones”. They only went and bloody shot me. Luckily SoldierDuck was on hand to bandage me up and seek revenge. Within seconds he’d stabbed them both, one with his own sword. “Good work SoldierDuck” I said “but lets stick to Halo in the future”.Image