SkyrimDuckSays………. I’ve found The One!

Having finally caught up with the rest of world by joining Twitter the next logical step for me was to also update the way in which I game. This could only mean one thing (get it?). Xbox One!

I do feel a degree of sadness in leaving my long serving 360 behind. However, as a duck who is always looking around for what I’m going to be doing next, being able to switch so quickly between doing one thing and then going straight onto the next more than makes up for any upset I may have felt. Also free Assassins Creed twice is not something to be looked down upon. If I am honest, which I generally am, Rogue was something of a disappointment to me for reasons I’m sure I will get around to blogging about at another time. However, I’m hoping that Unity will prove to be better than what the critics have said it is. I greatly enjoyed the Black Flag multiplayer on the Xbox 360 so I’m quite excited to revisit that on a next gen console.

Having now bought Minecraft and Terraria, and downloading my two freebies for the month I am now ready and raring to go. However, KingDuck has come over and taken over with his newly purchased Battlefield Hardline. Hopefully we’ll have many happy years ahead of us though. Me and my Xbox that is.



SkrimDuckSays ………. So Grown Up I Can’t Even Believe It!

I am now officially a big person, erm I meant duck. Obviously. Me and KingDuck are currently in the process of moving into a house together. As a duck I simply can’t wait for all the bills. Get it? Bills. So just in case you were worried on hearing this news that the immature, silly, game playing duck that you all know and love will become a proper adult I would like to share with you a picture of the very first box that I have that is packed and ready to go.


As you can see I am more than ready for grown up life with all of my most grown up things. Especially my Skyrim Premium Edition! What house doesn’t need Rabbids, a Creeper and Minecraft Lego. Ours certainly does.

SkyrimDuckSays ………. Terraria because one mining game was never going to be enough.


As you’re probably aware by now I’m somewhat of a fan where Minecraft is concerned and the best way to describe the newest addition to the xbox live arcade marketplace Terraria is that it is a 2D Minecraft. However, I’m currently playing through the tutorial and I am stuck. I’ve always liked Minecraft because it’s fun but it maintains a simplicity and on the surface Terraria appears to be exactly the same. At the minute it’s trying to teach me how to build a house but even following the instructions is getting me nowhere fast. I’m hoping KingDuck can shed some light on the matter for me. I bet I’m going to feel like a right div when I realise what I’m doing wrong. One thing I have to say about Terraria so far though is that I wish mining wood in Minecraft was that quick.

KingDuckSays ………. Just call me Adrien Mole!

Hold it right there. That’s quite enough of that. There is to be no mention of that awful game in my Kingdom or I shall banish you all. So to make me feel better I am announcing my news first and there is to be no argument. Given that I love my games just as much as SkyrimDuck but the position of games reporter is already taken I shall from now on be bringing you my game diaries. Starting with ………. Minecraft. Expect the first extract as soon as the other ducks have all announced their news.


SkyrimDuckSays ………. Trust No One!

I would like to share with you all the story of what KingDuck did to me last night during a friendly game of Minecraft. But first let me fill you in on the back story. So basically ever since strongholds were added to the game I’ve been desperately hunting one down. Sadly I’ve had no luck so far. So we were down a mine last night when I left the room for all of twenty minutes. When I came back KingDuck looked very pleased with himself and this is what I saw.


I was not happy I can tell you. Especially not when he told me that he had waited for me to explore it and that I should be the first to go through the door. However, my excitement at finally getting to look around a stronghold soon faded when I realised that on the other side of the door was ……. bugger all. He’d only gone and built a fake entrance to a stronghold. I do, however, feel that it’s only fair at this point in the story to tell you that I may have brought this on myself when I did this to his house.



I would say we’re about even now. Also, while I have your attention I have some very exciting news for you about upcoming changes to SkyrimDuckSays. Firstly we’re getting a few new members in the team. I can’t say anymore about it but I’m pretty sure you will recognise them. There’s also going to be a few new regular features added rather than me just harping on about games all the time. But if that’s your cup of tea don’t panic because there’s still plenty more of that to come too. Exciting times.

SkyrimDuckSays ………. There’s nothing sadder than a miserable pirate!

I’ve noticed that my good friend PirateDuck hasn’t been quite himself this week. In fact he’s been downright miserable. So being the friend that I am I asked what was up. Turns out he’s just a bit sad at the news that Grand Theft Auto V isn’t coming his way until September the 17th now. Like everyone else he believed that the game would be hitting shelves everywhere in May. Sadly for him it has since been announced that a Spring release date is no longer on the cards. Don’t worry PirateDuck we can play some Minecraft to pass the time. Just try not to dig me down to bedrock and into a corner before setting the way out on fire this time!