SkrimDuckSays ………. So Grown Up I Can’t Even Believe It!

I am now officially a big person, erm I meant duck. Obviously. Me and KingDuck are currently in the process of moving into a house together. As a duck I simply can’t wait for all the bills. Get it? Bills. So just in case you were worried on hearing this news that the immature, silly, game playing duck that you all know and love will become a proper adult I would like to share with you a picture of the very first box that I have that is packed and ready to go.


As you can see I am more than ready for grown up life with all of my most grown up things. Especially my Skyrim Premium Edition! What house doesn’t need Rabbids, a Creeper and Minecraft Lego. Ours certainly does.


SkyrimDuckSays ……………… Raving Lunacy

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up. I may have told you a tiny lie. There is one other game I really want on the Wii U and that is Rabbids Land. I am a bit of a fan of the rabbids and can’t resist any opportunity for some rabbid based madness. As soon as I found out they were back I invited the rabbids down to Skyrim, it is on their way home after all.ImageRabbids Land