SkyrimDuckSays ………. Challenge Accepted!

Since my Xbox One first came out of its box pretty much all I have played so far has been my Rayman Legends freebie. For a game that I have previously owned but hardly ever touched in the past, I myself am surprised by how much I can’t stop playing. Now, don’t for one minute think that what I’m saying is that I’m surprised that it’s a good game because I am and always have been a big Rayman fan. I was just busy with other games when it was first released.

Now that I’ve been playing for about a week I’ve started to hit some of the trickier levels and I am really feeling the strain. As much as I do get angry when I reach more infuriating parts I am also glad that they’re there. After all where is the fun in a game that you breeze through and that leaves you with no sense of achievement whatsoever when you complete it. At least I can say I feel proud of myself when I do complete seemingly impossible levels. What makes me feel even better though is doing well in the challenges. That makes me feel, I believe the word is, top.


SkyrimDuckSays ………. Happy Days!


So there’s good news and bad news concerning the upcoming release of Rayman legends and it all depends which side of the fence you’re sitting on. If your alliance lies with Nintendo and you were anticipating playing the game at the end of this month then bad news for you because you’ve now got slightly longer to wait. Until September to be exact. However, if you are the proud owner of either an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 then rejoice because it has now been announced that Legends is being released on both platforms instead of the original plans for just a WiiU release. I for one am a particularly happy duck. Better late than never!

SkyrimDuckSays ……………………. Rayman you legend.

So, looks like my buddy Rayman is coming back to consoles everywhere in Rayman Legends and by consoles I mean just the Wii at the moment. But I’m hoping and praying that’s gonna change ‘cos Rayman is too good for the Wii. Again sorry Nintendo, not my fault you suck. But I’ll tell you something, that guy is a total legend. He’s like my best none duck friend. In fact we’re so close I sometimes refer to him as RaymanDuck, true story. We even holidayed together last year. Here’s one of our many holiday snaps to prove it. The only problem with Rayman though is that he tends to gesture a lot when he’s talking so you’ve got to watch out for those flying fists. He’s given me several black eyes and a broken beak over the years.ImageSo yeah, Rayman Legends. Saw the gameplay at E3 and liked what I was seeing. Not too sure what I think of the Wii U getting involved, but I’m willing to forgive my man Rayman that one. Me and KingDuck have actually only just finished Rayman Origins. It was one of those once a week things, which is why it’s taken so long and I’ve got to say I’ve never seen so many deaths in a single game. Was awesome. Now that’s a fun game for you right there and I’m expecting exactly the same from Legends. Origins was, if nothing else, a really nice looking game and Legends looks like it’s carrying on this and maybe going one better. Not only did it look good it sounded good too, the music from that game, I’d get that on my ipod no questions asked.

It’s got to be said though that for a hard game, Origins never got annoying, not really. I mean you felt annoyed at the time it’s true, but never quite enough to rage quit. The fun always outweighed the difficulty and Rayman I salute you for that. Welcome back old friend.