SkyrimDuckSays ………. Challenge Accepted!

Since my Xbox One first came out of its box pretty much all I have played so far has been my Rayman Legends freebie. For a game that I have previously owned but hardly ever touched in the past, I myself am surprised by how much I can’t stop playing. Now, don’t for one minute think that what I’m saying is that I’m surprised that it’s a good game because I am and always have been a big Rayman fan. I was just busy with other games when it was first released.

Now that I’ve been playing for about a week I’ve started to hit some of the trickier levels and I am really feeling the strain. As much as I do get angry when I reach more infuriating parts I am also glad that they’re there. After all where is the fun in a game that you breeze through and that leaves you with no sense of achievement whatsoever when you complete it. At least I can say I feel proud of myself when I do complete seemingly impossible levels. What makes me feel even better though is doing well in the challenges. That makes me feel, I believe the word is, top.


SkyrimDuckSays………. I’ve found The One!

Having finally caught up with the rest of world by joining Twitter the next logical step for me was to also update the way in which I game. This could only mean one thing (get it?). Xbox One!

I do feel a degree of sadness in leaving my long serving 360 behind. However, as a duck who is always looking around for what I’m going to be doing next, being able to switch so quickly between doing one thing and then going straight onto the next more than makes up for any upset I may have felt. Also free Assassins Creed twice is not something to be looked down upon. If I am honest, which I generally am, Rogue was something of a disappointment to me for reasons I’m sure I will get around to blogging about at another time. However, I’m hoping that Unity will prove to be better than what the critics have said it is. I greatly enjoyed the Black Flag multiplayer on the Xbox 360 so I’m quite excited to revisit that on a next gen console.

Having now bought Minecraft and Terraria, and downloading my two freebies for the month I am now ready and raring to go. However, KingDuck has come over and taken over with his newly purchased Battlefield Hardline. Hopefully we’ll have many happy years ahead of us though. Me and my Xbox that is.